Charity EducAid Kenya e.V.

EducAid Kenya e.V. is a registered local charity, which was founded in 2016 in Klettbach near Erfurt, Thuringia. This non-profit association actually owns about 60 members. The chairwoman Mrs. Dr. Gabriele Kessler and her husband Mr. Gerd Kessler have long-standing experiences in association’s work as well as they are sponsors of a few godchildren. That’s why they visit Kenya and the St. Elizabeth Academy at least once a year.

The charity’s purpose is to offer socially weak kenyan children the opportunity to obtain a secondary school qualification (or even high school qualification for exceptionally performance). Due to sponsorships of our members and further donations we actually enable about 50 pupils to learn at the St. Elizabeth Academy and to get a daily warm lunch, which is not customary for kenyan schools.

In order to guarantee a successful work on site the charity designated a highly socially committed kenyan physician and also a dedicated father of some godchildren as plenipotentiaries of EducAid Kenya e.V.

 Our charity EducAid Kenya e.V. is politically, ethnic and denominationally neutral.