St. Elizabeth Academy

The St. Elizabeth Academy is an initiative of the private kenyan school authorities „St. Elizabeth Academy Karen“, which maintains several schools in Kenya. The school was established about 10 years ago right in the middle of a socially weak residential area. Actually nearly 300 pupils – 50 children are orphans – are taught by 20 teachers.

After their school-leaving qualification in form 8 (primary school) the pupils can also reach a final graduation after form 12 (secondary school). In the age of 3-6 years kenyan children have to attend preschool for practising English and Kiswahili, which are both native languages.

Most of our godchildren live in the surrounding residential areas (urban slums). The way to school is oftentimes really exhausting for the children, many oft hem have to walk about 10km per day to reach school. Especially in rainy seasons it’s quite difficult to attain the school by car or bus, furthermore the school bus is fee required.

Not every child gets a warm meal per day at home. That’s why it’s so important to enable our godchildren a warm meal at school, which gets prepared on site in the school kitchen every day.